Ep 108 Jizzle Eats Bugs on a Cupcake, Facebook is for Boomers, Hip Hop Appreciation Month Coming, Top Celebrity OnlyFans Accounts

The No Reason Podcast with Nola J. aka Chocolate Blonde featuring Don Suave’.

Who knew Jizzle liked bugs so much? In this episode, Jizzle takes on a cupcake chock full of creepy crawlies.

00:00 Intro

01:48 Jizzle Eats a Cup Cake With Creepy Crawlers

07:27 Jizzle Does Two Shows in One Day

12:53 Facebook is for Boomers

21:10 Malice in the Palace Documentary

24:19 Ball Family Update (Jizzle’s a Hater)

37:00 The NBA Coming Back to Normal

38:21 NFL Updates

48:45 Hip Hop and DMX Get Days and Hip Hop Appreciation Month

51:41 12 Best Celebrity OnlyFans Accounts

59:00 NFTs Are Changing Music

01:01:28 Drake News/Kanye

01:04:42 Comedy Verzuz with Dave Chappelle and Damon Wayons?

01:07:20 Jizzle’s Corner

01:10:43 Historic Walnut Street in Milwaukee

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